Domaine Du Mas De Saboth



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Evening parties

Held every evening from 9:45 pm, in a festive atmosphere and for the whole family.


A show by "Mas de Saboth" with...Humour, Magic, Song...


  • Welcome show
  • Play-Back Evening: interpretation of artists by the animation team
  • Dance evening
  • Karaoke evening
  • Cabaret evening
  • Children's and Teenagers' Club Show
  • Evening games and meetings
  • An evening of night games and a night stroll
  • Theme dinner evening with games, DJ or musical group

As is the tradition every evening, and in a good mood: the 3 dances of the "Mas de Saboth". Then you can enjoy a homemade cocktail at the Bar. Mojito, Tequila, Ti Punch... Three times a week, after our evenings, the youngest guests will be able to enjoy the discotheque "La Shunga", exclusively reserved for holidaymakers at the "Mas de Saboth".

Visit us for a refreshing experience!!!! Domaine du Mas de Saboth is a family business, a holiday club that focuses on quality service and hospitality.